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Oct. 10th, 2008

I'm off

I'm moving to a new LJ account

This one simply has too many comms I dont watch anymore and its getting annoying..

I think I've added everyone on my new account but if I've missed anyone, please let me know!


Sep. 27th, 2008


mostly i've been blogging at www.xanga.com/thefrilly recently because
1. I'm lazy and on xanga you can upload photos there instead of going on photobucket and stuff
2. I procrastinate too much if I use LJ

that's all for now..

Sep. 20th, 2008

garden party

Appologies in advance for really BAD photoshop- I DO know how to use photoshop well actually

Today, our school had garden party. I arrived at 9am to do my shift at 'the bottle store' (aka tombola) and left half an hour later because there were too many people. I wandered around all the stalls with Nina but it seemed smaller than last year's garden party. I was hoping to find some cute heels in the second hand clothing store but there was nothing!! There was lots of stuff last year though. There were lots of really cute handbags with great prints at the handicraft stalls but they were sort of expensive. I wish mom was there; I could've asked her for one. Then Nina and I went to the used book store and I bought some vinyls, Gilbert & Sullivan's Greatest Hits and Johann Strauss jnr. Waltzes; ignoring the fact I had nothing to play them with!

Gilbert & Sullivan's Greatest Hits

Johann Strauss jnr. Waltzes

Then we went around a bit and I saw Julia was in the DMC playing Vivaldi so I decided to have Devonshire Tea and watch her play. She was superb. Its amazing how people can get music out of instruments. We sat around having tea for half an hour and I headed back up to the used book store and bottle shop in the hall where George, Paulie, Ail and Bee were. I showed of my records to George and we decided to go back to the used book store where I bought another record- The Sound of Music. I was very close to buying Evita but I decided against buying it in the end.

The Sound of Music

Then I went back to DMC to wait outside for Ju to finish. Then Lexy came along and decided we need to go to Chatswood because garden party was getting TOO boring. I agreed and we went to look for everyone. Then we gave up and waited for Ju. When Ju was done, we chatted VERY briefly because she had to get back to Marian St rehearsals. Eventually we found everyone and decided to wait for Shaz, Charlie and Steph to arrive or to do their shift. We killed that time by watching rock eisteddford (lol @ tree woman x9001) and watching that Knox bagpipe band though it got really hot so we retreated to C2 (our year 7 tutor room!!) and loaded a computer to watch The Two Ronnies (no clue what that was; we just found it laying around...) but we never got around to watching it because we decided to head off to Chatswood.

A Chatswood, we decided most of us wanted to watch Wall-E in westfield so Shaz and Steph went window shopping. We got lunch first and were 20 minutes late, but the film hadnt even started! I had cucumber sushi because it was light and easiest to manage. It was a great film! though i did spend a bit of it trying to get crap out of my eye without a mirror in the dark.

After Wall-E we spent the time trying on clothes (actually, that was mostly me...) and messing around at make up counters; Charlie and my hands were covered in eyeshadow. Then we decided to head home on the train and I walked back. When I got back, my mom didnt understand why I bought records and was very confused and thought I was very silly.

And that's the gist of what happened today.

Sep. 16th, 2008


1 full week left until holidays.
Holidays are two weeks long, followed straight by camp beginning Tuesday. Shormal is on the Friday of the week after. Yearlies is the next week, followed by a week of blissful relaxation. Then SC for three days. And Australian business week follows.
That takes me up to about week 6 of next term. There are only 8 weeks next term.
I’m very excited
Camp this year is a ‘study camp’ meaning there is no hiking, no trekking and no idiots in your dorm. We got to choose who is in our dorm this year. I’ve also been to the place camp is being held before and it’s pretty nice.
The faux formal with Shore. No offence, but I’m not going for the guys.. I’m going for the shopping required and to hang out with my friends
Only two weeks but YAY. I have to make notes though- I have no other time. There will be heavy amount of shopping

I'll type more later...

aiyahh.. still need to do history speech tomorrow on Salvador Dali o_o so under prepared and i want it over and done with!

things i need to write about:
  • camp
  • shormal
  • holidays
  • shopping

Sep. 15th, 2008

holy crap

livejournal is working at school. wut.
I'm in bio at science. WOAH

i'll type later :D

Jul. 21st, 2008

fashion parade dress #2

I like the black one more. But this was still fun to shoot.

School starts tomorrow, I originally planned on munching on chocolate today but my mom hid it D:

But i have two excursions this week (HA!) and this school week starts on tuesday. :D

Jul. 20th, 2008

last few days of holidays

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so not ready for school

I saw batman like two days ago. It was awesome. 
I have fashion parade soon. I must start organising things. 
I had alot to write today but i cant put my thoughts together again. try again later. 

Crazy dream last night synopsis: I went tagged with some school people (co-ed school ehhh?) without telling anybody and went to Shinjuku Closet child and saw a box with clothes in it labelled "$250/Y25 000 for the lot" and it had iron gate skirt in it amongst other cool things. But I only had $250 to spend and i woke up. People in my dreams were all randoms wtf.

Enough crazy talk for today.

I gave myself a hime cut three days ago, very spontaneously.
Reenactment of Eva's thought process: "wow, her haircut really suits her. I wonder how I'd look with a hime cut? Let's find out!"  *gets scissors and parts hair* SNIP

It looks fine luckily. 

Jun. 20th, 2008

Ju's surprise

We got it done today and we gave it to her after school! I finished typing and editing lots of drafts for it during IST. I wish I could see her expression whilst she reads everything on the plane ^^

it was really sweet and i'm sure she wanted to cry.

Jun. 17th, 2008

math test

Eva's brain: m u s t p r o s t i n a t e !

Brain and mind have come to an agreement and Eva will start working after I post this. 

Lately I've been loving puns, good and bad. Example of a bad pun:
Today, we got our HPV inocculations and a friend (who loves pho) was freaking out so George was like "Needles are like noodles. Noodles like pho. You love pho. Needles are like noodle like pho (/foe)." or something to that effect. It was bad but I still loved it XD

sunday's OOTD

My thoughts are going at 1000 miles a minute and they aren't stopping. Its like I can't control my thoughts anymore.. Scary ! 
(okay, that looked a bit wierd but I can't explain it.)

Jun. 15th, 2008

Still very bored

So, as you may figure, I'm still VERY bored. Normally, I'd tell myself "its your fault you're bored. If want to stop being bored, stop sitting around claiming you're bored and bitching about it. Go do something; look at all the crap you have in your room.. Make something with it!!"

But truth is, I want to get out of the house and probably go shopping. 

Anyway, I found an artist who's work I really admire www.newrafael.com
He makes some pretty awesome websites like www.jellotime.com

Pretty fun and addictive
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